106 and Counting

106. That is the number of graphic designers who applied for our open position at my work. I was shooting for at least 70, so I'm happy with that number.

I'm also happy with the quality level of the work that I'm seeing from applicants. I knew there would be few that would stick out, but what I didn't anticipate is that there would be a few that portfolios that I fell in love with.

Here are some thoughts as I go through these portfolios:

  • Some of the best work I'm seeing is coming from some very young designers.

  • I'm seeing some work that is both experimental and effective. It's beautiful combination.

  • If you think that church's have to settle for sub-standard design, they don't. I have the proof in these portfolios.

  • Some artists are leaning too heavy into using Gotham, Futura and Knockout. I don't blame them, but they should show a few more pieces with some strong serif typefaces.

  • Some of these portfolios are from artists and not designers. The question is, do they know that?

Now to get ready for a week of interviews...