Google employees confess all the things they hated most about working at Google

One of many quotes from former Google employees:

Joe Cannella, former senior account manager: "Basically, you end up spending the majority of your life eating Google food, with Google coworkers, wearing Google gear, talking in Google acronyms, sending Google emails on Google phones, and you eventually start to lose sight of what it's like to be independent of the big G, and every corner of your life is set up to reinforce the idea that you would be absolutely insane to want to be anywhere else."

"To which the majority of folks will say 'boo-hoo, poor spoiled Googler'. But that's sort of the point. You are given everything you could ever want, but it costs you the only things that actually matter in the end."

The further I got into the article, the more I realized that the hit that Google is that they portray themselves to be different. Yet according to these employees they're creating a culture that is no different than the a lot of corporations in America.

I'll take it a step further. One could argue that they're describing sounds like a lot of church environments. Mediocre management, focusing solely on metrics and not promoting talent.