Martin Scorsese: 'Words and images don’t mean anything anymore'

Auteur Martin Scorsese has lamented the over-saturation of content and increasing disposability of film, harking back to the days when moving pictures were special as they were confined to the cinema or television. The director discussed why he doesn’t see a lot of films these days during a press conference for his new film, Silence.

“There’s over saturation,” he told an audience of reporters, “particularly in our world as it is now and nothing really does have a meaning.

“Images for example are everywhere. Cinema used to be in a building and even on television, you’d see a film or whatever.

“I must say a lot of the films that I’m aware of…and I don’t see that many new ones over the past two or three years, I stopped because the images don’t mean anything.”

I couldn't agree more.